i never seem to have any joy growing bougainvilleas. The scarlet o’hara one i have is losing all its leaves – they seem to have been eaten. What am i doing wrong and do i need to spray with something?

  • sue robertson asked 1 year ago
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Hi Sue,
This would be the worst time for Bouganvillea at the end of winter. They hate cold temperature (cold soil) so often lose leaves at this time of the year. It is important that they are planted in a as sunny position as possible (especially where the roots are growing). They need to be planted almost “out” of the ground to create a well draining position. Don’t be too worried about the leaves being eaten at this time of the year, probably quite a few of them have just fallen off. Wait for some new growth to appear (this might not come until October/November depending on position) then fertilise with a high potassium fertiliser (i.e. tomato fertiliser).
Thanks, the Palmers team

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