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Im not a very good ‘grower’ but my whanau do try to plant whenever we can. Normally lettuce and capsicum. But we have ventured into Spinach, spring onions, a variety of Silverbeet and a mixture of herbs. The big problem I have is that they all grow at once and need to be eaten almost all at once.

how should we plant so that they veges are constantly available?

nga mihi

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You’ve obviously got great soil! All veges have a different life span/growing length. Regular plantings of fast growing veges like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, beetroot and spring onions etc will help to keep these producing crops more frequently. These should be planted every month to keep a constant harvesting programme.

Other veges such as capsicum tomatoes, aubergines and herbs etc need to be growing for several months before harvesting for the remainder of the season. get these plants in early and look after them well. This way you can pick off them all year round.

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