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I keep forgetting to come down to the shop and see you so this is easier. We have a peach tree which is now three years old. It has born some fruit [although the flowers were really prolific] but we have noticed that one branch has completely died. There are lots of groups of soft gum around the base of the tree and on the bottom branches. What do we need to do please?

Thank you

  • Linda Wright asked 1 year ago
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Hi Linda, please cut this dead branch from the tree ensuring you cut into a completely healthy part, then cover this with pruning paste, to stop infection. The gum is a sign of damage to the trunk/branch (i.e. the plant is bleeding) this can be caused by bumping the trunk with lawn mower/weed eater, branch broken by wind damage, or even damaged by rasping insect (like cicadas). If possible prevent damage, remove damaged branches and cover any cuts with pruning paste. Lack of fruit but plenty of flower is just a pollination thing i.e. no bees around at the time of flowering or very windy days around flowering time, too cold for the bees to get out of the house! Thanks, the Palmers team

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