Palmers is BioGro-certified OrganicBioGro-Input-for-Organics-Logo

In February 2013 Palmers proudly became New Zealand’s first garden centre to sell BioGro-certified organic products. More and more people are looking to grow their own organic fruit, vegetables and herbs and as part of that process, they want to know that everything they use — the seedlings, the soils and the plant health sprays —are allowed inputs for organic production and are from reputable suppliers. By becoming New Zealand’s first BioGro-certified garden centres, Palmers can now offer gardeners that assurance.

Research shows that as the appetite for organic products has increased so too has the amount of options available to the consumer, in often confusing language about its true organic nature.  A term known as ‘green-washing’ has been coined that refers to products that may claim to be organic but, because they have not been independently verified, the consumer is often left confused, not knowing whether they are truly organic or not.  Palmers new Green Living Organics range, which contains products that are all independently certified by BioGro, provides customers with an assurance no other garden centre can offer when it comes to organic gardening solutions.

BioGro is New Zealand’s leading certifier of organic produce. It is owned by the New Zealand Biological Producers and Consumers Society, a not for profit, incorporated society and registered charity, focused on ensuring the integrity of organic produce. In order to gain and keep BioGro certification Palmers must consistently prove they have systems in place to ensure their organic range of gardening solutions really is certified organic.

“Palmers’ decision to become BioGro-certified means gardeners can make an informed choice when it comes to buying seedlings, compost and products to manage pests and diseases,” says BioGro CEO, Dr Michelle Glogau. “It reinforces Palmers commitment to authenticity and traceability”.

Customers can be guaranteed that Palmers Green Living Organics range meets BioGro’s high standard for organics, and products in the range include Oakdale Organics, KiwiCare, Yates and Gardeners Choice.

All Palmers stores have experienced staff on hand; happy to demonstrate how easy it is to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs organically. Together with BioGro, Palmers Green Living Organics is your one stop shop for organic gardening solutions. Look for the BioGro certified logo in store.

For more information, see our ‘How to Organic Garden’ guide, or email us at