Dwarf Fruit Trees

We often get a lot of interest around growing fruit trees. This makes sense as there are not many simple joys in life like heading out into your own backyard and picking your own homegrown fruit! However, many believe that growing fruit trees is reserved for those with big enough sections, or who own their own homes, but this is not the case! Dwarf fruit trees are perfect to grow on smaller sections and will also grow well in pots.

Keep reading for our guide to planting and growing your very own dwarf fruit trees!

What kind of dwarf fruit varieties are there?

Almost all deciduous fruit trees have a dwarf variety, except for the plum tree. Some varieties, such as some peach and pear trees do require other varieties nearby to pollinate them, so may not be suitable for every small space, or if you are just wanting a single tree.

Planting Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf fruit trees should be planted in late winter through to early spring.

Dwarf varieties grow best in sunny sites with free draining soil and protection from strong winds. Add a fertiliser like Tui Nova Tec Fertiliser at planting time. At planting time, place a support stake into the ground or pot, 15cm from the stem of your tree.

If you’re planting in a garden bed, placed 2m apart so that you can move easily around each tree to pick fruit, prune and monitor for pests and diseases.

We also recommend applying mulch around your dwarf fruit tree to help suppress weeds and keep the soil moist.

Dwarf Fruit Care

Dwarf fruit trees are generally very easy to care for! They only need to be pruned for desired shape or if there is damaged or diseased brances.

As with any fruit tree, keep an eye out for pests or disease as it grows.

For more information on pruning and spraying your fruit trees check out our guide here.

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