How to Make a Terrarium

Terrariums have become a popular trend for the home. They are also simple to make for yourself and are a great gift idea too. Terrariums are a neat way of displaying small house plants, ferns or succulents in an enclosed vessel, decorated with stones, sand and miniature accessories.

To start, you’ll need a glass container, glass pebbles or stones, small houseplants, cacti or succulents, potting mix and decorative elements that add a fun touch like small animal figurines or sea shells.

Step 1

To create drainage for the plants, add a layer of sand or stones at the bottom of the container, then add a layer of moss or potting mix. If you are using succulents, make sure you use a dry potting mix and be careful to not over water.

Step 2

Plant one to three plants per terrarium depending on the size of the vessel, making sure to get a mix of sizes, leaf textures and colour – we suggest baby tears, aluminium plant, hen & chicken fern and birds nest to name a few from the mini houseplant range in stores.

Step 3

Layer stones or decorative elements at the top.

 how to make a terrarium

For some creative inspiration, check out our terrarium board on Pinterest.


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