Prickles in your lawn last summer? Act now to avoid it happening again!

If you’re aspiring to a prickle-free lawn this summer, then you need to act in early Spring. That’s because you have to deal to the prickle plants whilst they’re young in Spring, and before they set seed in summer (and form prickles) – so you need to break the cycle!

Yates Prickle Weedkiller is a clever selective weedkiller that you can spray onto your whole lawn, and it kills Onehunga weed and thistles without harming your precious lawn. It also deals to other broadleaf lawn weeds such as plantains, daisies and pennycress. It’s best applied to short, evenly mown lawn in warm conditions when lawn and weeds are growing actively. Avoid applying if rain is expected within one day of treatment as effectiveness will be reduced.

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the ideal season to rejuvenate the lawn and get it into top condition before the hot weather arrives.

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