Palmers and Manuka Doctor Honey

Here at Palmers, we think there are lots of reasons to love bees! They are a critical part of our food chain, indirectly responsible for pollinating roughly one-third of the food we eat. On top of this, they’re super cute and produce our favourite sweet treat; Honey! Not all honey is created equal though, which is why we’ve teamed up with Manuka Doctor for our new Palmers x Manuka Doctor Honey!

We are proud to partner with Manuka Doctor, a New Zealand company that have been producing honey from hives all over New Zealand since 1909. With Palmers and Manuka Doctor both having over 100 years of experience in their respective fields, the partnership was a natural fit for us. Manuka Doctor honey is ethically sourced from privately owned hives across New Zealand and is harvested in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner,

25c from every bottle of Palmers x Manuka Doctor Beech Forest Squeezed Honey is donated to Garden to Table. Garden to Table aims to change the way our kids think about food, by bringing education on growing, harvesting, and cooking their own vegetables into primary schools. The program is encouraging thousands of kids to discover a love of fresh food and gardening that will last them a lifetime! Get yours now in store for only $4.99.

Learn more about Manuka Doctor here



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