Palmers Garden to Kitchen with Emma Galloway – Labour Weekend Planting

In the lead up to Labour Weekend there’s only one thing on my mind, TOMATOES! I’m super excited to be partnering up with Palmers to bring you tips and tricks to get your hands in the dirt and home-grown goodness on your plate. Whether you’re a total novice or experienced gardener, Palmers are your local growing experts. It’s my go-to independent garden centre, packed with quality products, inspiration and great advice.

Whether you only have space for a few pots on your deck or a huge garden, you can enjoy delicious home-grown tomatoes this summer. Cherry tomatoes are perfect for pots, just make sure you keep them well watered, while larger tomatoes are great in gardens, stake them up and continue to tie them as they get bigger and you’ll be eating juicy home-grown tomatoes all summer long.

Tips for getting tomatoes of to a great start:

-Choose a sunny spot to plant your tomatoes + enrich your soil with plenty of compost

-Soak seedlings in organic seaweed fertiliser for a good hour or two before planting out to reduce transplant shock

-Add a little organic tomato food to the hole before planting, many swear by a tablespoon of milk powder too!

-Plant seedlings deep, they’ll grow more roots and you’ll have stronger plants

-Stake them straight after planting, and tie with fabric garden tie

-Water deeply 2-3 times a week, instead of every day to encourage deep roots

-Plant basil and marigolds alongside to improve flavour and deter pests

I’m going to be giving weekly updates and sharing more tips as they grow, as well as showing you how to plant, harvest and cook some of my other favourite summer fruits + vegetables.

Emma Galloway’s Instagram – @mydarlinglemonthyme

Watch Emma plant tomatoes at Labour Weekend here

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