Don’t spray pest solutions during the day while the bees are busy working away. These pest solutions will not harm the bees if sprayed in the evening or early morning. The below list is just a quick look at some of the bee friendly pest solutions available at Palmers. Visit your local store for more advice and product options.

Easy Trap Mini Stickies for Flying Insects

EasyTrap for Thrips & Leafminers

EasyTrap for Aphids & White Fly

Enspray Spraying Oil (BioGro certified)

Kiwicare Organic Caterpillar Bio Control 10g (BioGro certified)

Yates Mavrik Insect & Mite Spray 200ml $21.99

Debug Diatomaceous Earth (BioGro certified)

Yates Success Ultra Insect Control

Yates Natures Way Natra Soap


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