attract birds to your garden

How to Attract Birds to your Garden

With a few simple steps you can attract birds to your garden. What can be more enjoyable than waking up to birdsong? However as gardens become smaller, less trees are planted and the number of birds visiting is reduced. This guide is suitable for all garden sizes and a number of plants are recommended to entice the birds back into your garden.

Birds are attracted by plants that provide food sources such as berries and seeds also those that provide nectar. Many birds are also attracted by the insects that a well planted environment encourages.


Native plants for smaller gardens

Common Name Botanical Name  Fruiting/Flowering Time Approx. height
Coprosmas Coprosma species Autumn Wide range
Corokias Corokia species Autumn Wide range
Pittosporum Pittosporum species Winter Wide range
Kakabeak Clianthus Kaka King Late Winter 2m X 2m
Pohutakawa Metrosideros excelsa Summer Wide range
Flaxes Phormium species Summer up to 1.5m X 1.5m
Kowhai Sophora Dragons Gold Late winter 1m X 1m
Kowhai Sophora species Spring Wide range
Five Finger Pseudopanax species Spring Wide range

Native plants for larger gardens

Common Name  Botanical Name  Fruiting/Flowering Time  Approx. Height
Wineberry Aristotelia serrata Summer 5m X 3m
Putaputaweta Carpodetus serratus Autumn 5m X 3m
Kawakawa Macropiper excelsum Late summer 4m X 2.5m
Konini Fuchsia excorticata Spring 10m X 4m
Southern rata Metrosideros umbellata Summer 3m X 2m
Tarata Pittosporum eugenoides Spring 5m X 3m
Puriri Vitex lucens All year 6m X 5m
Totara Podocarpus totara Autumn 6m X 4m

 General plants to attract birds

Botanical Name Fruiting/Flowering Time  Approx. Height
Banksia Varieties Available for year round Wide range
Callistemon Spring Autumn Wide range
Grevillea Varieties Available for year round Wide range
Prunus campanulata Early spring 4m X 3m
Viburnum Varieties Available for year round Wide range

Climbers to attract birds

Botanical Name   Fruiting/Flowering Time
Metrosideros Carminea Spring
Tecomanthe speciosa Winter
Pyracantha* Autumn/winter

*Pyracantha can be trained against walls or grown as shrubs.

By planting a selection of these plants you will be able to attract an array of native birds to your garden such as: Tuis, Silver Eyes, native Pigeons, Bell birds and Fantails.


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