Hello. The Gamebizclub team is in touch with you, and we continue to talk about Counter Strike, which has been firmly in the lead in online battles for more than fifteen years. Now it is played by millions of people from different countries, competitions are held with cash prizes, and online broadcasts of the best players gather a huge audience. From the last article on this game, you learned how to buy a license and install it on a PC, and today we’ll talk about how to start playing CS GO. And immediately get down to business.
Where to start a beginner?
If you are launching the game for the first time, first of all, deal with the interface, configure the keyboard and do not rush to join the first server that comes across.

The interface is standard, but still we will announce the main points:

“Play” is the main menu item in which you can select the game mode.
In “Inventory” you can see the available weapons.
The “Watch” section is intended for viewing online broadcasts, tournaments. Your notes are also saved there.
The “Rewards” section reflects your achievements and awards.
The “Settings” item is used to adjust the video, sound and control settings.
The shutdown icon is intended to exit the game.
First you need to configure management and graphics. According to our observations, if the mouse pointer starts to slow down, decrease the screen resolution and lower the display quality. The gameplay will become more enjoyable when nothing lags and does not slow down.

This primarily applies to those whose PC does not fully comply with the system requirements of CS: GO. To change the graphics settings go to the “Settings” item, select the video tab and find the corresponding values ​​in the list.

We figured out the graphics, go to management. This is the most important point on which the subsequent gameplay will depend. Select the “Keyboard” tab and customize the keys as you like.

Classic button layout: A and B keys for left and right steps, W and S keys for forward and backward steps. The main thing that you need to adhere to when setting up the keyboard is that all buttons should be nearby so that you do not need to reach for them.

And we also advise you not to use the arrows at all and not to adjust the rotation buttons, because you will control and aim with the mouse. Understood, set everything up and ready for the game?

Do not rush right into the battle, start the training mode in the battle with bots. So you learn how to move, aim and shoot. For a beginner, a battle with other players at once will be difficult.

Training mode is designed to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. A bot is an artificial intelligence or program that mimics the behavior of a real person in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the next article, we will definitely talk about bots in more detail.

For those who want to immediately engage in battle with other players, five modes are provided, each of which has its own characteristics, as said John, player and blogger from csgobettings.

Mode selection
Select the “Play” section, after which 5 tabs with modes and their description will open. Each has its own specifics. For beginners, we recommend that you immediately go to the first or fourth, or choose at your discretion from the following list:

Fight to the death
Warm-up mode, which allows you to learn how to aim and shoot, as well as improve shooting skills. The game begins with the fact that you appear on a random place on the map and with random weapons. The task is to shoot as many opponents as possible and earn points (points).

Accordingly, opponents will do their best to eliminate you in order to get points. After death in battle, rebirth occurs instantly, but with a different weapon.

Every one and a half minutes you will be offered to use bonus weapons, for the use of which additional points are awarded.

Accepting an offer or not depends on the type of weapon and its class, as well as how you own it. The winner is the player with the maximum number of points.

Arms race
An entertaining format that allows you to show the level of ownership of all types of weapons. In general, the principle is almost the same as in “Fight to the Death”, but you will start with one type of weapon, which will be exchanged for another after killing a player from another team. In the process, you can shoot from machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols, as well as wave with a knife.

The winner is the one who first stabs the player from the opposing team with a golden knife. The golden knife goes at the very end of the list of weapons, to get it, you need to eliminate about 30 opponents.

Destruction of an object
A mode similar to “Normal”, where two teams of 5 people fight. The game lasts twenty rounds, and after the tenth there is a change of sides. Victory in each round is awarded for the elimination of the opposing team or for the explosion or clearance of a bomb. For the kill, a new weapon is issued in the next round, if the player makes two or more kill, he will also be awarded a grenade.

This mode is a classic of the genre. It was with him that began

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