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Can you please give me the names of fast growing trees suitable to the Auckland area.
I am about to start a garden but at the moment it is a bare paddock, so want trees or
shrubs that are faster growing.

  • Donna Fowler asked 5 days ago
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Hi there

Gemma from Awapuni Nurseries suggested you may be able to assist.

Two years ago we planted a small hedge of Callistemon Beka Beauty bottle brush. The first year saw plenty of growth and flowers and left them to get well established without trimming.

This summer growth has continued, they have become leggy but so far very few flowers. I suspect that I should have pruned off the seed capsules.

My question is am I correct, and just how much do I prune off – and when? Should they get a trimming regularly

Your advice will be much appreciated

Kind regards

  • Ray White asked 3 weeks ago
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We are contemplating buying a brand new house where the grounds have been landscaped. We noticed the front lawn, which has new grass sown, is quite soft and spongy. I have been told that this is because the new grass still has to build up a solid root system into the soil which would compact it and make it more solid. Is this correct or is it more likely to be drainage problems?

  • Jenny Thomson asked 4 weeks ago
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Hi there

I have a site that is clay, wet and falls on the south side of the corogated fence. It is 1200cm x 70cm and I have espalied limes on the fence which are doing well. The Convolulous that I had underneath and need to replace didn’t like the wet. I would like something in bulk, that is green, grey or white hues and that will grow to max 40cm high or can be pruned. It also lies beside my pool so needs to be able to work with that. Ie not make a mess 🙂
Someone suggested acorus mini green but interested in your thoughts.
Thank you

  • Rachel asked 1 month ago
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I’m planting out a bank and have palms ect planted there. What type of ground cover can I plant to suppress weeds. I do like braid leaf type of plants .

  • Peter asked 2 months ago
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Hi There,

We have a 3 year old lab retriever and get patches in our lawn where he goes wee.
We’ve tried putting the special rocks in his water to change the acidity of the water for him, but this didn’t work. Do you have any other suggestions?
Thanks so much

  • Belinda asked 2 months ago
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hello, when would be a good season to plant kawa kawa tree, stevia plant?would there be any seeds for growing grass beds? what are good plants for fence that are all season?

  • richard asked 2 months ago
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When is the best time to plant malborough daisies . Are they in season now?.

  • Valerie asked 2 months ago
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Good afternoon

I will try and set the scene…

We have recently had to dig up a narrow garden (about 500 mm wide) that runs most of the length of our 1970s brick house.This is because we have now run PVC pipe along the back wall of the garden to catch more rain water for our tank (rural so on tank supply). So the trick is now, what do we plant alongside the pipe which will look good AND not have a large root system that may potentially damage the pipe in future years? We intend to obviously cover over the unsightly pipe but would also like the plants to be the major cover. The long narrow garden has the house wall on one side and a concrete path on the other so needs to be something that doesn’t constantly need cutting back. The garden itself is also not very deep. We used to have succulents but keen to try something that grows a bit higher as a feature against the brick work.

Added to this, it is in the front of our house so a ‘prime’ spot if you like and can either ‘make or break’ how the whole front area looks. We already have several gardens of various bromeliads so we want to do something different. We also can’t have plants that grow too high as there are windows (so not higher than about 1m).

I love flowers too and enjoy picking anything and everything for the house so would love something that flowered but that may be a wish too far!! We are open to any suggestions.

Many thanks in advance.


  • Lynley Drain asked 2 months ago
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I have a site directly beside my swimming pool and between the pool and a 2 metre corogated fence so the plants fall not the south side and only get sun in the morning. I did have white/grey convovulous but it really didn’t work. I have on the fence espaliated cocktails limes which are doing well and would like to replace the trumpet flowers under the limes with something in bulk…it is very clay like soil. I would like a grass or the like and need something that would fill the 1200cm x 70cm plot and wouldn’t grow higher than 40cm and wouldn’t be a pain by the pool. Other thing is my colour scheme is greys, green and white…i was suggested Acorus mini green, but would be keen on your thoughts…obviously it is a big space so cost also comes into it.

Thank you

  • Rachel asked 3 months ago
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Can you buy ground cover seeds ? Was looking at Selliera Radicans and there was a couple of others, this is for north faceing steps. Thanks

  • Anita Baker asked 3 months ago
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Have just found box blight on my buxus hedge approx 12yrs old, is there anything that might stop it that you could recommend. Any suggestions please.

  • Christine Thomas asked 3 months ago
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I have a 45degree Bank caused from trying to lower a retaining wall on my new section. I want to fill this with something I do not have to maintain as access is very difficult. I’m keen on grevllias, maybe drummer boy or rambler. This bank faces north so has sun most of the day. There is no top soil at all on the bank. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Ma y thanks

  • Anita Thorpe asked 4 months ago
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Ht advice please when to prune weeping cherry tree & how far do you trim it back

  • Robyn G asked 4 months ago
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I would like to create a edge, like a green wall, on one side of my garden. I was thinking of cypressus as they can grow thick and fast.
What would be your advice on the following points:
Is there someting better than cypressus ?
Which distance do they need to be planted from the back fence and between each one of them (the purpose is to create a thick wall with a 5+ meters height ?

Thanks in advance for your advice

  • JF Levesque asked 4 months ago
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Hi there

Do you have any suggestions of plants that we can plant in front of our outside air con unit? They would need to be able cope with hot air being blown onto them in summer and cooler air in winter.

Thank you 🙂

  • Rebekah Dassler asked 4 months ago
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Making 2 new gardens and wonder if hibiscus would be suitable for either. First is up a driveway. North facing with tin metal fence behind but soil is heavy clay. Has flax and agapanthus there at moment.
2nd is new built up bed in patio area but facing south. Will have good soil imported. Sheltered but has fence stopping most of the sun. Gets very hot in summer but not much direct sun on the bed itself.
Advice would be helpful. Thanks. Kae

  • Kae asked 4 months ago
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Hello, we are building a house in an exposed area of Bay of Plenty and wanting to plant a shelter belt that can be maintained to a height of 3-4 meters. Do you have any suggestions?


  • Nathan asked 5 months ago
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Your web site is bonkers. nevertheless I am trying to find out if you have ANY planter boxes..pretty simple really but you’d think I was asking for something from Mars trying to get ANY sense out of your search engine. bad bad bad design.whoever designed it should be shot without ceremony!
DO you have planter boxes in the Bethlehem/TGA store and if so how do I view these on-line before burning precious fossil fuels to come and look?

  • Evan Campbell asked 5 months ago
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Have a large ornamental in the middle of the roundabout of our driveway. Need a continuous planting around the base, height around 30cm, colour green and tidy compact plant. Area can be hot and dry, frost resistant. Nearby in the driveway have buxus hedging surrounding roses, and daphne as hedging.

  • kay asked 6 months ago
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