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I was given a rose and it has been beautiful all summer. But now it is again dying back on some of its branches. I did cut the last round off below the affected area, but it is doing it again?
Their are also ants around also.
It is in a large pot.
It is a beautiful single rose.

Would love to attach photo but don’t know how. I am also house bound just now recovering from an operation.

  • Brenda Broderick asked 3 weeks ago
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I’m looking for a rose that I can buy in bloom for March the 24th. I particularity like white roses. The Rose is a memory of our mum who has passed and cannot be at a family wedding in person that is why we’re looking for something already in bloom for that date. What do you recommend?


  • Joanne mclean asked 4 weeks ago
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We have three Absolutely Fabulous standard roses planted a few months ago in the spring and doing marvellously well. Today we came home to find the lawn-mowing people had ring-barked all three. Is there anything we can do to increase their chances of survival (other than getting rid of the lawnmowers, of course?

  • Patrick Kelly asked 2 months ago
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I’v been trying to find a specific rose, namely, Papa Meilland to purchase. Could you tell me if this is still available.

  • Eric Gardiner asked 3 months ago
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I have a white fungus which has spread down all my iceberg standard roses. What can I do to get rid of the fungus? I also have a lot of aphids on roses this year.

  • Karen Kong asked 4 months ago
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Hi there – about 2 weeks ago I sprayed my 3 month old climbing rose with the above product. I think the two sprayings were too close together. my fault entirely. The new growth is coming through burnt and I’m unsure how much to cut it back to let it recover. Some of the leaves are affected too with brown marks. I have cut back what I can see has been affected but I don’t want to be too ruthless. Should I be feeding it something special or extra watering etc? As it was expensive I really want to save it – and I’ve locked away the rose spray!! 🙂

  • Jill Wheeler asked 4 months ago
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I have 8 potted roses, which i unintentionally over fertilised, which i found out used a rose fertiliser for roses in actual gardens. Is it possible at all to save them, or will they need to be replaced.

  • Miss Katherine Scott asked 5 months ago
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Hello from the U.K!

I am going to be visiting my son Auckland in two weeks and would like to buy some David Austin roses for his garden. Do you have any in stock?

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully visiting your garden centre.

  • Mrs B. davies asked 5 months ago
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When is it expected that the Palmerston North branch is going to open as we have a gift card that we would like to use.

  • William Baker asked 5 months ago
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18 months ago I took a cutting from an old rambling rose growing on an old fence roadside Browns Bay. Planted it against a fene in my new garden in Tauranga. It has grown rampantly with branches & leaves but no sign of any gorgeous pink roses so far. Will it flower eventaully? Should I give it Rose Manure? Should I prune some branches off? Thanks for any help.

  • Colleen Gunn asked 6 months ago
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1)My rose plant has just started growing leaves (perhaps a few weeks now), but now they’re already riddled with ?orange rust?…seeing orange spots on the leaves as it was before having been pruned. Does that immediately happen? I feel sorry for the young leaves being attacked by this. What could I have done or what can I do to stop this escalating?

2) My gardenia plant has always been coated with black soot both on leaves and stems. Since then it has remained small, leaves are small and yellowed (not a dark green colour) and has not flowered since then. What can I do? I’ve been trying to wash it off with water spray and even bought neem oil (but had not been very regular using it 🙂 ). Still the black soot is present. What more can I do?

  • Tonette asked 6 months ago
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  • Jill Mooney asked 6 months ago
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Hi there

A number of months ago I sprayed my roses, but unfortunately it was “round up” not roses spray!! I pruned heavily and washed as best I could to get rid of the spray on the bush as well as in the soil around. I’ts almost 3 months later and the bushes are budding but they are coming out curly, light green and growing very slowly. Do you think it will survive and what do you recommend I treat it with?
Appreciate your comments.

  • Steve Beggs asked 6 months ago
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Do you have one DA Evelyn in stock ?
Thank you
Lenise Lendrum

  • LENISE LENDRUM asked 7 months ago
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Hi – I have an old climbing rose which hasn’t been pruned or trained on the trellis. It now has three very thick old woody vertical canes that are beyond bending to train across the trellis. It still has nice healthy growth and flowers but I want to train it so it doesn’t keep growing outwards. Not sure if I should take a punt and prune back the vertical canes hard and close to the ground and hope for some new vertical growth?


  • Francesca asked 8 months ago
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Can you tell me,if you are doing a workshop on pruning Roses this month.

  • sallyann Sheppard asked 10 months ago
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can you supply ROSES
Christchurch Remembers .
BlackBerry Nip Climbing Rose

  • David Pincham asked 10 months ago
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When is the best time to shift roses in the garden, before or after pruning in July?

  • Fiona Soanes asked 10 months ago
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HI please can you tell me what month is the best for planting carpet roses in Auckland? How far apart should they be planted to give a good ground cover?
Thank you

  • Briar Gregory asked 12 months ago
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