My neighbours have had to cut out a large flowering cherry that filled my kitchen window with wonderful blossoms in spring and seemed to be a happy roost for Tui’s. Were they feeding on nectar from the tree? There are lots of trees in the area but I would like to keep them coming to our patch.

I don’t have room for a flowering cherry but I could plant a vine of some sort to train up along a 6 foot high corrugated iron fence, and up and over a pergola. At ground level it would only get midday and mid afternoon sun, but the site would be warm because the back of the fence would get all afternoon sun.

Ideally I would like something ever green (I was prepared to deal with the cherry tree leaves in exchange for the birds and blossom but given the chance I’d like to get rid of that issue).

Any suggestions?

  • Trudy Dickinson asked 3 years ago
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Hi Trudy, Tui really like to be up in a tree, the flowering cherry works well as it provides shade in summer and light in winter. I have one at home approximately 4 metres from the house, gets trimmed heavily every year straight after flowering to keep the size under control. Other plants that Tui will visit are Kowhai, Grevillea and Banksia, but can’t think of anything in a way of climber or small growing shrub that a Tui will visit. Thanks, the Palmers team

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