Kia Ora
I want to learn to grow swan plants please.
Do you buy n plant Swan plants in clusters, or in separate pots?
When is best time, best season in year to buy these? Are they an indoor or outdoor plant to grow?
Do they grow best in pots or in the garden?
What plant feed? Do they need? Can they grow with buddy plants? around them If so, what kind? Where do you get the caterpillars? or butterflies? to start off with..Thank You

  • Ginny Mary Ropiha asked 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago
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Hi Ginny, please see answers below:

  • They can be grown either way, the more foliage the better.
  • They are available right now, know get them growing before the caterpillars arrive
  • They can easily be grown in pots, but just as well in the garden
  • Butterflies will find the plants and lay there eggs that will turn into Caterpillars, the plants will quite happily grown with anything, they are quite a hardy perennial and very versatile.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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