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We have recently got ourselves an olive tree. Do you have any advice or tips on how to best grow and olive tree?

Also, are there any sprays for protection we need to use or specific fertilisers needed?

I have read a few articles that suggest a slow releasing fertiliser. I have also read about there being a few pests and viruses to be aware of and how to treat if the tree gets one. However I am just wondering if there would be something to use to protect it from catching any of these.


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Hi Aaron, The best way to prevent insect an diseases on any plant is to have a healthy plant, to do this, Olives like well-draining soil and don’t mind a bit of a breeze. There is a trend starting to happen that encourages people to use organic fertilisers (seaweed, compost tea, fish fertiliser) to enhance and improve the overall health of the soil (ie more worms) artificial fertiliser tends to kill the worms and hence does not improve the overall health of the soil. Maybe a combination of the both (slow release fertiliser only gets applied 3-6 months while organic fertiliser maybe every month and in general is a bit more work. Thanks the Palmers Team

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