My African violets have white spots on their leaves , looks powdery, as African violets do lot likevto get their leaves wet , what can I use to halt the spread of this?

  • Angela Gainsborough-waring asked 1 year ago
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Hi Angela,

African violets can be very prone to mealybugs which often look like little powdery white spots.

The first thing to do is isolate or quarantine the plant or plants if you have other plants around as they can spread quickly just like other insects.

For light infestation try rubbing them off with a cotton bud and some warm soapy water. For heavier infestations, I would recommend using Yates Nature’s Way Citrus, Veggie and Ornamental. It has low toxic ingredients and comes in a ready to use spray bottle.

A one-off spray should not harm the foliage too much and should fix the problem.

Feed your plant regularly over the growing season to prevent pests and disease.

Good Luck, I hope this solves the problem.

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