Hi there,

I have an area below a vine wall that I need filled in as a sort of border area. I just want all the same plant that can grow into a border/ ground cover. We have lomandra grass around (our background is tropical themed) but I was wanting something a bit more thicker and flaxier leaves. This spots gets full afternoon sun from about midday.

Thank you.

Any suggestions would help

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Hi Jen,

As it is a position that receives plenty of afternoon sun I would recommend planting a plant called Dianella which is a low growing flax-like plant that enjoys the full sun. If you wanted purple foliage Dianella Blaze would be a good option. You could also plant Liriope muscari or other very similar varieties and you could even try out some of the dwarf flaxes like Phormium Surfer, Emerald Green or Jack Sprat.

The Palmers Team

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