I planted new asparagus last year. Do I cut last years old ferns off? New asparagus are coming through now. Do I cut them off too and wait for the new ones in Spring? What do I feed the plants now and also do I put sheep pellets round them? Can the new spears be used and eaten this year or do I have to wait another year or so?
Thank you for your advice in advance.

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Hi Sue,

Asparagus normally takes about 2-3 years to mature. The old ferns should be cut off prior to winter, the new ones you should leave so the plant can grow to a better size (get a bigger and better root system). In the first couple of years, try to resist picking too many spears to give you the best result long-term.

With regards to fertilising your asparagus, it’s good to use a fertiliser high in Phosphorus as this helps with the root development for the first 2-3 years, then switch to a balanced fertiliser (such as potato fertiliser) to keep your plant thriving.

Thanks, the Palmers Team

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