Any suggestions on what is wrong with our avocado please? We’re in north Auckland. It’s a Cleopatra purchased and planted about 4 months ago and I dont think it’s very happy. Any advice appreciated!

  • Natalie Desmond asked 3 years ago
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Hi Natalie,

Is there any chance you would be able to describe the symptoms the plant is showing?

General advice to care for avocado is as follows:

  • Warm conditions and a frost-free environment (this is very important)
  • Full Sun
  • Good Drainage
  • A large space to grow
  • Sufficient water throughout the warmer months
  • Rich soil full of goodies, add compost and organic matter to the soil.

If it is not looking too happy my guess would be that it is struggling a bit over the winter months, It is hard to say without knowing the symptoms the plant is showing. Try putting on some frost protection or if it is in a container moving it to a warm and sunny spot in the yard.

Good Luck

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