Bamboo growing in large container has stared to go yellow – please advise

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Hi June,

There are a number of reasons the bamboo growing in your container could be turning yellow.

If it has been planted for a while it could be getting root bound and may need to be potted into a bigger container or at least have the soil in the pot replenished with something rich in nutrients. Top up with a good quality potting mix, be careful not to disturb the rootball while re-potting.

If it is not root bound it still may be hungry so feeding with a long-term, container friendly fertiliser such as Novatec Premium will be beneficial. Liquid feeding (foliage spraying) with a certified organic fertiliser will also benefit your plant and help get those leaves green again.

The other reasons your plant could be turning yellow is that it may be getting overwatered or underwatered. Check that the water is draining away after you have watered the plant. Bamboo doesn’t like it too wet.

The Palmer’s Team

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