I have proposed a Spray Free Zone at our local playground, and I’m looking into options of how to manage the gardens there without using herbicide.

If you have any suggestions that would be great. In particular, any comments on the different brands of weed matting – in terms of their long term prevention of weeds (i know some brands are better than others).

Also if you have any comments about sprays that are organic, or have had any experience with non toxic Salt/Dishwash/Vinegar combos, or any hot steam systems.

Aly Learmonth
National Park
021 121 6923

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Hi Aly, all organic sprays on weeds will need to be used on a regular basis, as they work on burning off the foliage not killing the roots of the plants. All of the above methods will work, Palmers also stocks a Biogro certified weedkiller. In regards to weed matting, we are not in favour of using this in general as yes it stop seeds from germination, but not the seeds that blow in and grow on top of the weed matting and you will end up using sprays again. The old manual way of using a hoe before weeds get established or using mulch on a regular basis still works best. Thanks, the Palmers team

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