Birds are currently digging holes from our lawn. Are they going for bugs, worms etc ?
Whats the best way to treat this ?

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Hi Bryce

Thanks for your question. Birds most likely are digging for bugs and the only way to stop this from happening is to scare them with either a sensor water shooter (like what is used on boats) or reflective tape. Once the birds are ‘trained’ to not like your place the problem with them returning to dig will be reduced. Reflective tape can be strung from fence line to tree to balcony or window eve for example. It must be high enough for you to be able to mow the lawn and with enough tension that the tape will reverberate in the wind which is also ideal for worrying the birds. I have dealt with a similar problem myself with birds and have had a client who had birds destroying her edible garden. The tape worked at our property and the water shooter worked at my clients so give it a go.

Happy gardening

Maria Palmers national garden consultant

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