Over the last 2 weeks we have had patches of black fungus or mould looking growth on our lawn. Only our lawn, not other peoples. It seems to be killing or burning the tops of the grass

I could try mowing it off, but I could be just spreading it. Attached couple of photos. Appreciate any help to identify and treat it.

grass mould

black patches on lawn

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Hi there
Looking at the picture, it looks like the lawn/grass is actually rotting. What I can’t see if there is actual mould or fungal growth on the grass, if either one is present, scarifying the lawn would be the best solution as the very limited sprays available will not fix the problem (lack of aeration, water logged soil, heavy soil).
If no mould or fungal growth is present then other possibilities are as follows:
– Too much fertiliser used causing some grass types to burn
– Sprayed with a weedkiller at incorrect concentration, causing some grasses to burn
– Spraying lawn with some residue from previous spray left in tank causing some grasses to burn

Not something that we have come across before. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks very much

The Palmers Team

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