Hi there I’m a first time blueberry plant owner and I still have the blueberry in the pot I bought it in from a few months ago. It seems to be doing well. One long leafless twig and heaps of little buds growing just recently. Looks pretty healthy.
It says on the label it needs an acidic soil. I’m not quite sure which soil to use or where to put it on my property. I have a big ceramic pot I’m thinking of using but I’m aware this may dry out quickly. It gets pretty hot here in the summer (Auckland) any great tips you can give me to point me in the right direction. And for birds who may want them too . Many thanks. Mel

  • Melissa Stevenson asked 2 years ago
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Hi Melissa, Blueberries grow quite happily in a pot as long as it is big enough and a good quality mix is being used (ie Potpower) They don’t mind a nice sunny spot. In the garden use lots of good organic matter when planting and also use a Mulch Like the Kolush Manuka and seaweed Mulch. I would think all birds would like a good feed of Yummy Blue berries.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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