I am just wanting to know what care these plants need in terms of fertilizing, watering and which side of the house I should plant them on.
We get the morning and just about all day sun at the back of the house (Facing Ruapheu direction) the side is North facing (New Plymouth) and the front is facing Mt Taranaki.

Just to give you an idea of the direction of our house gardens. I have a boysenberry and raspberry plant both thornless and would like to get the most out of them next season. At the moment they are in containers as we have just moved to our new house.

Thanks so much, looking forward to your advice.


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Hi Janine,

A sunny position is ideal for boysenberries and raspberries, and if it gets a bit of a breeze that will be good also.

Keep the soil moist (but not too wet). When watering try to avoid getting the leaves wet as wet leaves and branches can lead to mildew and mould.

Use a combination of organic liquid fertilisers such as compost tea fish fertiliser, seaweed fertiliser in conjunction with a good mulch (Kolush Manuka Mulch).

The Palmers Team

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