Hi there,

I have a number of Feijoa plants that have developed some brown spots on the leaves. How do I get rid of them? Can I spray something on them, or should I cut them off?

Love your work.


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Hi Tracey,

The brown spots on the leaves of your feijoa plant are most likely a fungal problem that can sometimes happen when a plant is under stress, this might be due to poor growing conditions or high humidity. The best way to prevent this is to ensure the feijoa plant stays nice and healthy by providing the best growing conditions e.g. no weeds around the trunk and maybe a good mulch around the base. If you do have some fungal spots, the spread can be prevented from spreading to other leaves by spraying with Free Flow Copper. You can remove the damaged leaves if there are only a few. For those in the upper North Island (Waikato North) we would also recommend putting in place something to guard against the Guava Moth, which can do a huge amount of damage to the fruit. A Guava Moth trap, which traps the male moth which prevents procreation would be a good idea.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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