We have recently moved to a new house that has some tall Cyprus / conifer trees. They are showing some brown foliage as shown in the photos. I cannot see any bugs or scale in the plants themselves. Is this perhaps normal for this time of year?
Thank you,

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Hi Shelley, There’s a couple of things that it may be:

A fungus (most likely). If the plants have been under stress with lack of water over summer, they are potentially more susceptible and that could be why the effects are showing now. You could cut off dead bits and spray with fungicide, and give extra water during dry periods next summer.

Insect damage. There’s a moth “Case moth” that can make their cocoons in conifers, often with the inner bits browning off. On close inspection you should be able to see brown twiggy looking cocoons though. If it’s mites or possibly thrips then they could be harder to spot.

We would recommend taking a sample in to your nearest store for closer inspection.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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