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Our Tahitian Lime tree is around 3 years old and it is dropping lovely looking fruit at the moment.
When I cut the limes in half the majority of them have a browning coloured center, some worse than others. Can we save the tree from this? is it a disease? More importantly, is it safe to eat them and drink the juice?
I am struggling to find relevant information on the browning of the center of the fruit.

I live just out of Te Puke in a rural area in the Bay of Plenty. Thank you kindly in advance 🙂

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Hi Graham, Is there an “exit” tiny hole somewhere on the fruit? In this case it will be the guava moth, the best way to prevent this is with a guava moth trap. I’m unsure if that not the case what it could be, ensure you have a good mulch layer around the tree and regularly fertilise with an Organic fertiliser

Thanks the Palmers Team

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