I have planted a Buxus hedge. I’ve done my spacing right between plants but I wanted to know what should the space be between the curb and the plant. Currently I have them planted very close to the concreate and I’m wondering if it’s a bit too close. I’ve tried to find out on google but can’t find any answers….
Thank you!

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Hi Melissa,

The great thing about Buxus is that they don’t have a particularly vigorous root system and you can get away with planting quite close to concrete. I would recommend at least 10 – 15cm away from the concrete.
If you were planting up against a house or other hard structure I would go a bit further away to at least half a meter so the plants do not cause damage to the structure but as it is just a concrete edge you should be able to get up nice and close.

Buxus love plenty of nitrogen and nutrients so I would recommend using sheep pellets, compost and a nice layer of mulch with this summer heat to help to keep the moisture levels up.

All the best

The Palmers Team

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