I’ve started a new raised garden and used the hugelculture method. The top is a mixture of fine soul with outdoor vegetation. I planted cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. They are nearly ready for cropping now, but the broccoli has small heads and going to flower, while the lower leaves on all brassica turn orange, the yellow and die one by one. There is plenty of water, so no shortage.
Would you kow whatsong with the broccoli, as well as the lower leaves dying?
Ma y thanks for your great periodic electronic information.
Hans van der Heiden

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Hi Hans, Regarding the Broccoli most likely you just planted this out of season where the broccoli jumps into flower (or you have a too high level of potash in you Hugel bed) The problem with the Hugel culture is that there is a big potential for inconsistent fertiliser levels or too many highs or too many lows. Unless everything is spot on here is a danger that certain elements aren’t available at the right time. Maybe the plants where too early planted in the Hugel bed (I have to admit I am not a Hugel Expert!!)

Thanks the Palmers Team

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