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HELP! Planted Camellia hedgeseveral months ago (Cinnamon Cindy) and for the most part its done well. In one particular corner though some of them one by one have turned up their toes/died. 7 in total now. They start off being a little less green than the other Camellias and the leaves beginning to brown at the edges (and then dropping off). On pulling the sick plant out I’ve noticed some slight powdery stuff on the roots.
Your help would be much appreciated.
Many many thanks

  • Veronica Brett asked 3 years ago
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Hi Veronica, you have done the right thing by investigating the root system of the plant as it appears that’s where the problems seem to start. The powdery stuff can appear after the roots have rot. We are guessing the area where the dying plants are, are on the lower end of the row? In this case, plant any replacement a lot higher so that the roots aren’t affected by excess water (either from rain or irrigation). If you don’t think water is the issue then it might be a fungal disease and you would need to pop into a store (with a sample of the powdery stuff) and get something for root diseases (i.e. Thiram). Thanks, the Palmers team

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