Hi – About 16 months ago we brought a weeping cherry tree from Palmers at Welcome Bay; my question is this – how do we stop the growth sprouts on the trunk? We strip them off only to have them re sprout a week later! Also hardly any blooms this year and thus far the leaves are pretty sparse. We think it is trying to tell us something – please help!
Thanks heaps

  • Sue Shepherd asked 1 year ago
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Hi Sue, It is quite normal for the rootstock the grow from the base, try cutting off as close to the roots/or trunk as possible to help prevent them re growing. It is quite common for them to have to be cut off at least twice a year. It sounds like the energy is going into that root stock growth, hopefully removing that will force the energy to go up the tree encouraging more new growth. Incase that new growth doesn’t appear and the top goes further backwards you might end up taking the plant back for a replacement. Thanks the Palmers Team

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