Why have some of my Citrus Tree NO fruit on this year, or some with very little fruit. The trees that have a reasonable crop,notice that the fruit is starting to ROT even before rippening- What is causing this ???

  • Maureen Williams asked 4 years ago
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Hi Maureen
If it fruited heavily last year it is most likely have an “off” year this year. Especially if they are mandarins. You might have pruned the tree after flowering hence pruning off the fruit? The rotting fruit are possibly damaged by the Guava moth which will cause the fruit to rot at or before ripening. We would recommend spraying with Enspray oil and free flow copper spray, both are certified organic sprays and will control/prevent any insect or fungal problems. If it is Guava moth you will need to use Guava moth traps from October onwards.
Thanks, the Palmers team

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