I have a 45degree Bank caused from trying to lower a retaining wall on my new section. I want to fill this with something I do not have to maintain as access is very difficult. I’m keen on grevllias, maybe drummer boy or rambler. This bank faces north so has sun most of the day. There is no top soil at all on the bank. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Ma y thanks

  • Anita Thorpe asked 1 year ago
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Hi Anita, There is always a risk in planting in this environment (you will need to accept a level of failure) things that you can do to help minimise are; introducing a quality planting mix, mixed with existing soil, a quality slow release fertiliser and a good mulch level that is maintained all year round (replaced when it “runs away”) The Grevillea (there are several good choices).

Thanks the Palmers Team

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