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I brought a beautiful white clematis but it’s getting completely eaten – what should I use to protect it?

  • Kelly Hopkinson asked 2 years ago
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Hi Kelly,

Sorry to hear your beautiful clematis is being attacked. It is the time of year where our insect populations multiply. There are a number of products around that can help cull and protect against insect populations.

If you are after something organic Enspray 99 Oil is a good product which will coat the leaves and protect against insects.

Non-organic ready to use products include: Yates Insect Gun or Kiwicare Insect Hit. Spray all foliage including underneath the leaves. I like to spray in the evenings to avoid harming any beneficial insects.

Your clematis might benefit with some fertiliser or an organic liquid foliage spray going forward to help prevent insects in the future.

The Palmers Team

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