Can you please tell me how to best care for balcony potted corokia shrubs.
When to trim and how often ? Also when to feed and with what ? Also what should I spray them with for to prevent disease & black fungus ?
Thanks for your help.

  • Viv Sahinovic asked 1 year ago
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Hi Viv, Ensure that the Corokia do not get too much water especially if the balcony is shaded. Trim as often as you need to, to keep to the size you would like them to be. (the more you trim them the tighter the bush/hedge). Being in a pot you will need to regularly feed them with a liquid seaweed fertiliser maybe every 3-4 watering. Spray them every 3-4 months with Enspray oil (avoid spraying when the sun is on them) if you already have black soot spray them with Free Flow Copper (the black soot takes a long time to weather off after spraying).

Thanks the Palmers Team

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