Hello, can you please tell me why many of my Chrystal Apple cucumbers are bitter this year. I have not had this problem before. Thanks.

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Hi Christine,

There are many reasons cucumbers (including apple cucumbers) can taste bitter at harvest time.
Lack of water can be a big issue. Make sure your plants are staying well hydrated especially once they start producing flowers and fruit. Mulching, if you haven’t already done so can help the soil to retain moisture.
Cucumbers can suffer from getting too warm. Protect them from the afternoon heat, opt for a position that receives some filtered afternoon shade.
Make sure your plants have plenty of nutrition available to them. Use compost, manure or fertiliser.
Do not let the cucumbers grow too big. Cucumbers often taste more bitter when they have been left on the vine too long. They are best harvested when they are a bit smaller.

I hope this helps and you get some tastier cucumbers in the future.

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