Hi there,

We have a big problem with little maggots which are eating and rotting all our spring bulbs (tulips, daffodils) and also parsley. It’s in many different parts of the garden and covers large areas. Help!

We make our own compost and mix it in the soil, maybe this is the “food” they are looking for?

Thank you

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Hi Sarah,

It sounds like you may have the larvae of an insect called Narcissus bulb fly or other larvae of flying insects.

They tend to attack bulbs which are closer to the surface. You can remove everything but since it is affecting so much of your garden I can see this might not be an option.

Remove all foliage as it starts to die off after the bulbs has bloomed. Then lay extra soil or mulch over the bulbs so they are not too close to the surface. If the bulbs are in full sun they will be more prone to attacks. If you can remove them and place them in a semi-shade area, this will be perfect.

Last thing to do is you can pull up all bulbs to divide and plant deeper in areas of your garden.

It is a hard insect to control but these are the best things to do. Laying extra mulch is a must.

The Palmers Team

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