Planted quality tomato plants (from Palmers) in large plastice containers with quality potting mix and hand full of sheep pellets. The leaves and now the fruit are curling inwards – the fruit on the Beefstake are little and insignificant. The leaves are not turning colour or falling off. They are placed on the north side on edge of our decking and get plenty of sun from midday onwards. I water them generously every other day. Very disappointed. There are 6 pots/plants. 2 other pots are placed on the ground – concrete below are the same. Other years I have had them in the ground and no problems. We do not have the garden space these days. What am I doing for this to have happened.

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Hi Vivienne,

The leaf curl could be caused by a number of things:

Firstly, check the undersides of the leaves for any sign of insects such as aphids or whitefly- these can suck the sap out of your plants and cause the leaves to curl. If there is an insect infestation you may have to control with an insecticide. Spray with something like Enspray oil 99 – In the evenings is the best time.

Secondly, as you are growing your tomatoes in pots I would be concerned they may be getting a little over-heated. Don’t get me wrong, tomatoes adore the sun but sometimes being in containers means it is very hot for them as it is a smaller space that heats up quickly. If you had somewhere to place them that may get a little protection from the harshness of the afternoon sun, this could be the fix. They also tend to curl their leaves if there isn’t enough water, again growing in pots can mean more watering especially if they are in a hot place.

Thirdly, It may be a viral infection- in that case, try spraying them with a copper fungicide one week and neem oil the next- dilute as per instructions on the container. Try this for a few weeks, if this does not fix the problem you may have to dispose of the plants and do not compost as you don’t want to spread the virus.

I hope this helps you amend the problem, all the best 🙂

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