Hi there, two years ago I planted alot of daffodils along my retained wall driveway. The first year they all came up and looked great – I left them in the ground but when they came up again a lot didn’t flower, lots of foliage but no flower. What would have been the issue? I have left them in again and got my fingers crossed for this season…

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Hi Julie,

There are a few different reasons Daffodils do not flower.These include:

  • The Daffodils may have not been planted deep enough, plant them about double the width of the bulb.
  • The Daffodil bulbs may have become overcrowded
  • There may be too much nitrogen in the soil adding to loads of green healthy foliage but no flowers.
  • Not enough sunlight.
  • Not enough flower producing nutrients in the soil.

The area where the bulbs are planted should have light and loose soil, avoid any compaction and ensure the drainage in the area is good. Feed the bulbs as they emerge with bulb food, this will help give the plants some nutrients for the flowers.You could also try lifting them and dividing them, improving the soil with compost and organic matter. Re-plant them and see if they give you more flowers. Ensure the area has not become too shady if other trees have grown nearby.

Avoid cleaning up your plants after they flower, do not cut down any flowers or foliage at the end of season, this becomes great food for the bulb in it’s dormant stage.

Good Luck

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