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I recently returned home to find all of my lawns mowed and edges line trimmed. I’m guessing it was a lawn mowing service for the rental property down the back that got the wrong house. Anyway after initially thinking this was a fantastic gift I soon discovered that 5 of my 6 young (14 months since planted at 30cm high) star jasmine bushes had been badly attacked by the line trimmer. 1 bush was completely ring barked about 3 inches in length right at the base. 2 other bushes had full ring barking on 1 or more limbs but not the complete bush and 1 bush was about 3 quarters ring barked. I’ve wrapped and taped some kitchen cloth around the exposed areas and have been keeping the cloth damp in an effort to keep them alive,
My question is how resilient are Star Jasmine? Will they die where completely stripped of bark or is there a chance my first aid measures may help? Or should I cut my losses and remove the damaged limbs to save the healthy ones remaining? The diameter of the plants at the base would only be around 10mm.
Many thanks
Mt Albert, Auckland

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Hi Dan, Star Jasmine are very resilient and tough, they can be trimmed hard and will always come away. However ringbarking any branch is normally fatal for any branch/tree as it cuts of the sap flow (ringbarking is completely removing bark (and cambium layer) right around a branch/trunk) temporarily maintaining some moisture around the ringbarking is very unlikely to work. I would remove any damaged growth as long as there is something left, the star jasmine should came away again especially at this time of the year. Thanks the Palmers Team

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