My lovely new Daphne (the big new variety – Princess I think it is) is flowering and has some leaves turning yellow. What can I give it please. It is two years old

  • Dorothy Debney asked 1 year ago
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Hi Dorothy,

How lovely that your Daphne Perfume Princess is flowering!

Daphne’s like rich soil with lots of organic matter in the garden beds. If you have it growing in a garden bed you can top up the soil with compost and sheep pellets. You can also add an acidic fertiliser if you would like as they prefer more acidic soil.

If it is growing in a container, feed with an acid fertiliser but make sure it is container safe.

One of the best things you can do to ensure greener leaves is to use liquid fertiliser on a weekly-fortnightly basis, Tui Organic Seaweed Plant tonic is a good option. Using a liquid feed will give the plant a boost and the leaves will green up the more you feed with it.

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