The leaves on my rhododendron have all turned brown after lack of water over dry summer and there is no sign of green growth. Can I assume it’s dead and pull it out or is there any possibility it could still be alive? What about cutting it right back to see what happens — and if so how far? Many thanks for your advice here

  • Christine Ihle asked 1 year ago
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Hi Christine,

A good way to check if the plant is still alive is to scrape some bark off with either your fingernail or a sharp pair of secateurs. Check as close to the base as you can. If the plant is green underneath, it is alive, if it is brown it is dead.

Sometimes the top part of the plant may be dead and the bottom part alive, so check where it has died off by doing the bark scrape and then cut back the dead branches at the top if it is still alive.

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