I have three ake ake plants in my garden. One appears to be dying. Many of the leaves have fallen off and those that are left have big holes in them. The other two are heading the same way. What should I do with them?
![close up of leaves on affected shrub][1]


  • Helen Bathurst asked 1 year ago
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Hi Helen, I don’t think the falling leaves and big holes are related. So falling leaves is the issue, it looks like there is grass or other plants growing around the trunk of the plants. They prefer to have a good mulch around the trunk of at least a 60cm Diameter. This way there is no competition for the plant as well as creating a good environment for it to grow in. Make sure it is properly staked and the plant doesn’t move around. Holes in the leaves is quite normal and for natives and nothing to worry about. Thanks the Palmers Team

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