Hi there,

We would like to create a garden wall using pallets in a daycare. We would like to use endemic species only. I’m not familiar with local species so I would need some recommendations.

I’m after some species which wouldn’t grow too much (which would fit in that kind of garden).
Any species that smell nice?
Which species would be best to combine so we can create a mix of colours as well?

Many thanks!

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Hi Marine, Endemic Natives in the true sense are not really readily available for use in a home use garden environment (mainly due to the environment endemic natives live in, is very specific and hence it is hard to get them to grow successfully in other positions) In your case if you want to do a garden wall you would need to find a shady space, where you might be able to grow a combination of native ferns, you possible might need to relax on the requirement to be endemic as that will restrict your selection. (there as some lovely hybrid natives that could be used). Thanks the Palmers Team

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