I work at a childcare centre and we are looking at creating more shade outside for the children. We were thinking about planting an established tree. We have some guidelines that we have to stick to in regards to toxic plants, however i was wondering if you have any ideas of what we could plant and possible price ranges. The centre i work at is located on Greta point.
Thank you for your time

Christine Single

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Hi Christine

Thanks for your question. Your location is closest to Palmers Island Bay in Wellington. The best thing for you to do it to contact the store directly, since each of our stores have a different range of stock in store. With help from them they will happily be able to advise of some trees they have in stock or can get access to that will suit your requirements. A deciduous tree may be beneficial to allow more light in winter and the leaves can be used in a compost system at the centre.

Some trees to look into may be


ALBIZZIA julibrissin rosea – Silk Tree. Tolerates cold and windy site as well as sandy soils.
ACER campestre – English Maple. A tough maple that tolerates exposed sites


Evergreen Ash – quick growing tree with white flowers in Spring
Leptospermum ‘Copper Sheen’. Graceful foliage in bronze/red hardy tree

Please pop a call through to them to discuss what they have available; here are their address details

Palmers Miramar
69-71 Miramar Ave
Miramar, NZ
Hours: Open 7 days from 8.30am
Phone: 04 388 8435

Happy Gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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