We had our trees harsh pruned by arborists at the end of 2016 season and haven’t gotten any fruit since.
I did water them over summer and gave a general garden fertiliser but doesn’t seem to have made a difference. What else should I be doing?
Prior to the pruning we used to get a 10 litre bucket a day of feijoas.

  • Kate Scott-Davidson asked 4 months ago
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Hi Kate,

It sounds like you are on the right track with ensuring they get water over the summer period. I would recommend using a citrus fertiliser to try and get some goodness into the plant for producing fruit, if you use too much nitrogen it will put the energy into producing foliage.

If you can add compost and organic matter to the soil, sheep pellets are a great option because they break down over time. Encourage bees to your garden by planting ornamental plants.

I’m sure they will start to fruit again, they may just need some time.

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