I recently bought a fig tree from Palmers but as soon as I planted it in to its new home (large pot) it lost all its leaves and looks like it’s dying.

Do fig trees typically suffer when transplanted and it’s likely it will spring back to good health once it has settled? Or is it a sign of an inappropriate environment or compost and it needs urgent attention?


  • Barbara Murphy asked 4 years ago
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Hi Barbara,

It sounds like transplant shock to me. To rectify the problem or at least give the fig tree a fighting chance keep the tree hydrated. Make sure the tree is not sitting in a saucer of water and the water is being drained away after watering. Do not let the root ball dry out so keep the soil moist. This will probably mean every day watering through summer especially because it is in a pot. You can prune it back a little as then it will put more energy into getting its roots hydrated and set in. Then you just have to wait for it to bounce back, so it may be a bit of a waiting game.

To prevent transplant shock: Disturb the rootball as little as possible when transplanting and keep it well watered at all times.

Good luck.

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